Dumpster Rental Alternatives

 Trash hauling has been around since the 19th Century. Back then, dump trucks were more like huge open containers on wheels hauled by horses. It wasn’t until the introduction of the automobile that things changed. And just as the industry has evolved, so too have our options for Waste Container Rentals.   

 A1 Services General LLC understands that Waste Container Rentals has several facets, and that the type of Waste Container Rentals involved will depend on the project. Dumpster rentals are great for big projects, but what alternatives exist for smaller endeavors?

 In this article, we will explore two alternatives for dumpster rental and the benefits that come with it: Bagster and good old fashion Junk Hauling services.

Benefits of Bagster

The Bagster from Waste Container Rentals is a small, portable, waste bag made of tough, woven material for single use. You can purchase these bags at home improvement stores or online.  And in order to dispose of this bag, you have to schedule a pickup through Waste Container Rentals since it is they who run this operation. 


Purchasing this product costs up to 50-70% less when compared to some dumpster rental prices. 

Easy Set-Up

Since the bag doesn’t weigh much it makes it more portable than a dumpster and easier to carry, maneuver and set up.


Since there are no rental fees, you can keep the bag until your project is done. And if you haven’t started your project yet, that’s ok too because you can store the bag until you’re ready to start.


606 Gallons / 3 Cubic Yards

 Great For: Medium/Large Room Remodeling, Home Cleanups, Carpet and Flooring Replacement, Outdoor Projects, and Moving Preparation projects. 

Benefits of Junk Hauling Companies

What happens when you need to get rid of some large furniture, a spa, or large appliances? Bagster is probably not the best option in this case, and neither is renting a dumpster. So the best and quickest alternative would be some simple, good old fashion human junk pickup. 


If you’re not physically fit or have the proper equipment to move heavy junk, chances are you could get injured. So instead of paying an undesired hospital bill, calling companies like A1 Services General LLC is a far more cost-effective choice. There is a reason why junk removal companies are licensed and insured to do the job safely and correctly.

Save Money

Unless you have the cash to rent trucks, to buy gas for these trucks, to own the proper tools needed, to pay others for help, and to have all the time in the world to be doing it yourself, then, by all means, you should start your own company. If not, you’re better off hiring a professional for a flat fee.


Waste disposal laws exist. So it’s not like you can just dump your waste anywhere. So to avoid a fine, or prison, please call the professionals, they know all the dumping laws and regulations.

So as you read, there are Dumpster Rental alternatives, so your choice boils down to what type of project you are engaging in, and the kind of waste that needs to be removed. But no matter what your next project is, whether it’s residential or commercial, A1 Services General LLC can help you out. Give us a call (302) 593-3458!  

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