Mattress Recycling – How to Get Rid of Your Old Mattress.

Now that you have acquired a new mattress, we hope you enjoy your hours of sleep and comfort. However, if you are still kept awake by figuring out how to dispose of your old mattress, you will find this blog helpful.

How can you get rid of an old mattress when you don’t plan on reusing it? The three main ways are donating it, recycling, and sending it to landfill. If we think about it, mattresses are a primary concern for disposal. With 20 million mattresses discarded each year irresponsibly. According to Habitat for Humanity, There needs to be action taken to reduce contamination. At the same time, there’s a huge opportunity to extend the useful life of a mattress so that it doesn’t end up causing so much waste. A Mattress is made of 80% of recyclable materials, as said by the Mattress Recycling Council.

Once your mattress gets into the landfill, it stays there forever and becomes a health hazard. If you are trying to avoid this, but you don’t want to keep it anymore, recycling your mattress can be the most fitting choice. We encourage you and help you to recycle it.

How to Do Mattress Recycling

Mattress recycling may seem like a troublesome task. Still, because we have been doing it for years, we want to share the best ways to do it when you are determined to dispose of it properly. And do some good for our planet!

If you want to recycle your mattress or box spring, the top two options are doing your mattress recycling yourself or hiring someone to do it for you. We teach you more about both options below:

Recycle Your Mattress.

As mentioned before, the components commonly found in a mattress, such as foam, wood, steel, or even fabric, can be recycled. 

To do mattress recycling by yourself:

  1. Get a utility knife, a hammer, or pliers.
  2. Follow by removing the fabric from the sides with the help of your utility knife. Once you’ve done that, you can cut and take off the rest from the sides, top, and bottom of your mattress.
  3. Remove the foam and all the internal layers. When doing so, remember to be careful not to rip apart the foam so you can recycle it later.
  4. The same goes for the metal springs. In the case of the box spring, remove the lining from the wood frame and disassemble it.

From here, you can either repurpose these materials with whatever 

Hire a Waste Disposal Company.

Even though it seems like the last resource, hiring a waste removal company that counts with mattress recycling services is a lifesaver if they do recycling, of course.

Awareness of the importance of recycling is growing each day. Thankfully, more and more companies contribute to the disposing of waste responsibly when other options aren’t available. They also come in handy when you want to save yourself the hassle, which sometimes happens. And it’s ok!

When deciding to choose a company, make sure they are reputable, licensed, and insured so that their claims are reliable. Here at A1 Services General, for example, we can recycle your mattress when you hire our mattress disposal services!

Alright, that is a wrap from our part regarding mattress recycling, but don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to know more. Good luck with recycling your mattress!

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