Recycling: Turning the old into new

When you are facing an important task, the hardest part is getting started. That’s why we want to help you with a starting guide narrating steps you can follow to begin your greener lifestyle. Don’t know where to start? Recycling is a good option.You have seen it everywhere, everyone talks about it on social media, and you may even know a thing or two about this practice but never have engaged with bringing this activity to your lifestyle. If you want this to change and start winning small battles for the planet, follow these five easy steps to recycle, and you will be ready to go green and keep this world clean.

How to Start Recycling?

  1. Get your recycling bins:  Put them next to your indoor trash, and label them in a fun way (especially if you have kids) to help you know what goes where. You will need one bin for plastic, glass, cans, paper, e-waste, metal, and organic. Avoid combined materials.

  2. Get a residential dumpster: If you like to keep your house clean from any type of trash, renting a dumpster it’s your best option to make disposal easy! 

  3. Watch for the size: a good rule is that nothing smaller than a credit card can be recycled. 

  4. E-Waste: there is more awareness every day regarding recycling our computers, phones, or any electronic device when they reach their end-of-life state. You can get more information about e-wasting in our blog.

  5. Say bye to grocery bags: Save the ones you already got, don’t try to throw them away, since some curbside pickups do not collect them. However, many grocery stores accept them to recycle. After that, you can get cute tote bags to take with you in your grocery shopping.
  1. Enroll in a community recycling program: there’s a lot to talk about regarding the most common recycling process in the US, and we will give you more information in our next post. The important thing to know is that once you join, they pick up your recycling from your home once or twice a week.

  2. Locate the nearest recycling drop-off center or dumpster rental options: on places like this, you can take all the paper, aluminum, plastics, glass, and cartons. But first, it is essential to learn what to bring since they may not accept all recycled items. So, ask first, and get a list of that. Your clutter can quickly multiply and get out of your hands. Don’t worry anymore about the arrangements of throwing out that old bed. A dumpster can handle it.

  3. Tell friends and family how easy it is: your motivation will skyrocket! You can also try to watch documentaries and start following environmental influencers to help you get a sustainable lifestyle.

  4. Become a conscious consumer: Pay close attention to this point: recycling is not the only way to lower your carbon footprint and reduce household waste; recycling is not nearly as environmentally effective as proactively curbing waste. One of this practice’s most critical aspects is avoiding purchasing single-use items.

Why is Recycling so Important?

Recycling is the best form of waste management. The first initiatives came in the 70s, focusing on reducing the need to consume and protecting natural habitats for the future. When you recycle, you save energy. Recycling creates at least nine times more jobs than landfills and incinerators. Winning small battles for the planet is worthy. 




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