A1 Services General LLC is a local scrap metal recycling facility in Wilmington and surrounding areas in Delaware. If you’re in need of professional scrap metal assistance turn to our professional staff and we’ll gladly help you.

At A1 Services General LLC, our primary aim is to provide you with the best possible metal scrap service in the Wilmington area. For all sizes of scrap metal needs, we’re committed to providing to commercial business owners and homeowners with a high-standard service.

Importance of Scrap Metal Recycling

Nowadays, recycling has become fundamental in our society and recycling metal is not the exception. Scrap metal shouldn’t be taken as trash or waste, rather it’s a precious resource. Here are the top 3 reasons why you should recycle scrap metal:

scrap metal recycling

Environmental Benefits
Scrap metal recycling saves 97% of the energy required to mine a new metal. By recycling metal we also reduce pollution and wastes that go to landfills as well we save other resources such as water. So recycling metal is good for the environment, in that way we help to conserve natural resources.

Help the Economy
The scrap industry employs over a million people in America alone. Recycling metal creates 36 times more jobs than compared to sending the same amount of metal waste to a landfill.

The scrap metal industry diverts many tons of materials from landfills every year. There are two categories of metal: ferrous and non-ferrous.

At A1 Services General LLC, we have you covered when it comes to both non-ferrous and ferrous scrap metal.

Make sure all your scrap metal waste find a productive new home like A1 Services General LLC.

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