Snow Plow FAQs Answered

Snow Plow FAQs Answered: All You Have To Know

While it may appear simple, snow plowing can be very complex when it comes to determining which is your best option. Still, taking precautions is needed for safety during the winter months.

Many doubts revolve around the topic. Still, with our experience offering snow plowing services near Delaware, we answer all the FAQ’s here, including:

  • Why are snow plows important?
  • How often should you plow snow?
  • How much does snow plowing cost?
  • Who should do the snowplow?

Next time the heavy winter storms hit, you’ll be ready with all the information on snowplows and put it into practice for your ultimate convenience. Let’s dive into it!

Why Are Snow Plows Important?

Suppose you’ve found yourself in the inconvenient situation of having your driveway, sidewalks, or parking lots blocked by accumulated snow. In that case, you’ll know how vital a snow plow is. Snow plowing is key for people and vehicles to transit safely and freely during the winter months. It helps prevent tripping hazards and even penalties since clearing snow and ice from sidewalks are mandatory depending on where you are.

A snow plow is a necessity and sometimes an obligation. Additionally, depending on the snow plow service, it can include adding rock salt, as we do at A1 Services General. Doing so helps melt the snow and ice and prevent it from accumulating again.

So there you have it, the first thing is consider getting a snow plow in places with high inches of snowfall.

How Often Should You Plow Snow?

When it comes to the frequency of plowing and when you should snow plow, you have to remember that preventative action is always better. Plowing snow is excellent when there is about an inch or so of snow because it prevents accumulation, resulting in a bigger problem. It is best to do it after every snowfall as far as how often. However, if there are regulations about snow where you live, you should stick to them.

Tip: If you have to go to work or know you’ll be using your business’s parking lot, it is good to maintain your surfaces free of snow and do it in the early hours before the traffic starts.

How Much Does Snow Plowing Cost?

While there isn’t a set cost for snow plowing, it will be easier to get a close estimate if you know all the factors considered when pricing a snowplow. We break them down here:

  • Time: Snow plows can demand a lot of time, depending on the size of the area that needs to be cleared, the amount of snow, etc. Because of this, snow plow services are generally charged at an hourly rate. It is rare to find services that charge per sq ft.
  • Amount of Snow: Like we said above, removing 1inch of snow is more manageable than removing 6 inches. The more the volume of the snow, the more work it’ll demand, and which in some cases will be reflected on snowplowing prices.
  • Surface area: Perhaps you want to clear your driveway and sidewalk, or you may require to remove snow from an entire commercial parking lot. To the volume factor above, you also need to add the surface area to be covered.
  • Frequency: In locations with lighter snowfall, you may decide to plow snow every once in a while and pay for the job. However, if you deal with heavier snowfall, seasonal contracts are available, which you may find more cost-effective.

Who Should Do The Snow Plow?

Sometimes, it is the property owner’s responsibility to plow snow from sidewalks, etc. It may not be obliged other times, but it is still necessary. Whatever the case, there has to be someone in charge of executing the job, for which you have two options.

The first one is to DIY the snowplow. You may want to opt for this due to its lower costs, such as renting purchasing equipment. However, it isn’t an intelligent choice when you have no experience or time to do so. If you have a big home or a commercial property, doing snow plowing on your own is not practical. You also have to consider that a snowplow is a labor-demanding job and can result in potential trip accidents. It can put both your health and safety at stake.
On the other hand, you can hire a professional plow guy or company. You can easily find a local snowplow company through reviews and the proper certifications. For instance, at A1 Services General, we offer snow plowing services near Wilmington, Delaware, with excellent attention at competitive prices. Make your consultations today!

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