The Proper Way to Dispose Of Household Trash

Household trash is produced every day, yet it can’t simply be thrown to the curb and left there to rot. Nowadays, there are systems, classifications, and processes for waste to head the right way. 

If you want a safe home and environment, you want to know the right ways to get rid of household trash. We present this guide for household trash disposal from Waste Container Rentals professionals to you.

Know The Category: What Is (& Isn’t) Household Trash?

Anything you discard and don’t plan on immediately reusing or recycling becomes waste. Even though anything could classify as trash, not everything is household trash. 

What is the definition of household trash? 

It refers to those everyday items in our homes that we discard every day. Some household trash examples are food scraps, plastic bottles, old receipts, etc. It is generally seen in the residential setting, but you can also produce it in commercial facilities.

But how do we not confuse it with other types of waste produced in our homes? For example, electronic waste, construction debris, bulky items, and such things don’t classify as household trash and require other disposal methods.

Although it may seem obvious, understanding this is essential. Say you throw away hazardous materials with your kitchen scraps. It’s not only harmful to the workers and environment, but you could also be risking fines and liability issues. Small mistakes can be costly, so it’s better to stay on top.

What Are The Different Types of Household Waste?

Another thing you have to know is what are the different types of household waste. Going back to the basics is good to ensure we correctly handle household trash. First, let’s start with the broad categories:

  • Hazardous or non-hazardous waste: Hazardous waste it’s an entire category on its own, which we also cover in another blog. These items are listed by the Delaware Government as hazardous or are corrosive, igniting, reactive, or toxic.
  • Biodegradable or non-biodegradable: Biodegradable materials can be broken down into organic molecules by other microorganisms. These include most organic matter and some types of paper.
  • Wet or dry waste: This is deemed by the amount of moisture. Organic waste tends to have more, and it’s classified as wet. Things like paper, plastic, cardboard, and others (when not wet) are dry waste.
  • Recyclable or non-recyclable: Some household trash can be reused, but it can also be recycled when it can’t. Not all waste is recyclable, but paper, plastic, metal, and glass are the top four recyclable materials.

How Do You Dispose Of Household Trash?

All we shared above is going to be helpful to know how to dispose of your household trash. To make things simpler, we not only share the necessary steps for it but also some best practices along the way:

  1. Classify your waste: The first step is to know which type you are producing because you can’t put it all in the same place.
  2. Dispose of Hazardous waste separately: You may find that many daily items in your home are classified as hazardous waste, for instance, cleaning products. Here, The Delaware Government offers a list where you can see how to dispose of each item, or you can check our guide.
  3. Compost biodegradable waste: Even though organic waste can go into the landfill, it becomes just as harmful by rotting with the rest of the trash there. A good practice to encourage is composting, which you can do at the comfort of your home! Delaware’s Solid Waste Authority (DSWA) tells you how to compost.
  4. Separate recyclables: All the materials that can be recycled have to be taken to recycling facilities to be salvaged. You can do it yourself or opt for a company for it as we do at A-1 Services General.
  5. Schedule your household trash pickups: Whatever is left from this filtering process is ready to be taken away to the right spot. If you want convenient scheduling, it is best to hire a company to pick up your residential waste.

Need Residential Waste Container Rentals?

When it’s time to put into action everything we shared, you also want to select the best company for you. At A-1 Services General, we can assist you through garbage pickup services at competitive prices convenient scheduling. We responsibly manage waste and help you do the same. Contact us today!


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